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Who am I?

Good question isn’t it?

French graphic artist with a self-educated background and 15+ years of professional experience as a freelancer. Fast learner, I love to acquire new knowledge and discover others artists work. As a citizen of the world I lived in France, Singapore and I am now continuing my adventure in Canada. I worked for customers in various countries such as China, Canada, USA, France, Srilanka and Maldives islands. Flexible, «non-formatted» mind to give a new sight and a new level to your communication. Because I’m human, when I’m not in front of my computer you’ll find me running after my young son, ressourcing riding my mountain bike, trying to cook Chinese recipes for my wife or relaxing drawing some [Artistic] things.


What can I do for you today?

Kevin Perez graphic design

Graphic Design

Logos, visual identities, posters, flyers, brochures, banners, business cards, photos editing, presentations, all marketing materials and more… Don’t hesitate to contact me for your graphic needs, I will do my best to provide you the right work at the right time.

Kevin Perez Rookie Launcher

Rookie Launcher

You are the proud owner of a brand new (an old one will fit also) company and you need a simple yet pro and neat website to spread your love across Internet?

You are at the right place

Kevin Perez translation


Need to translate a document? You are expending your activity to a new market?

I can help you with general and technical translations between French, English and Chinese.



Don’t be shy, I don’t bite!

Please complete this little tiny form to tell me a little bit more about you and what you need.

Actually, just send me an email telling me what you want.

Kevin Perez Rookie Launcher

Rookie launcher

A Simple yet pro and neat website just for you.

what is it?

« Rookie Launcher » is a affordable package which will help you to start (or restart) your journey on Internet by providing an appealing professional and simple one page website. No need to be complicated to be efficient.
Do you really need an entire page dedicated to a simple contact form or a 10 lines presentation? Obviously some specific contents need their own page but it’s often smarter (when possible) to group some parts on one unique landing page.  Its’ also more intuitive for your visitors as they don’t have to interrupt their lecture to go through your informations.

What's include?

A one big page and one language website (build with Wordpress and addons) with a custom (and responsive) design which fit your company identity (Actually my own website is a good exemple of what I propose). I could add 1 or 2 more pages if it’s necessary for some parts with no extra costs. You will be able to edit your website with a secure access to the Wordpress dashboard. Note that you will need to provide the texts, pictures, translations and others materials needed. More languages could be added for a extra cost.

1 year of web hosting  (with a web hosting provider and plan of my choice).

1 year of web hosting  with the plan « The World » by PlanetHoster.

Plan with 8 CPU Memory, 16 GB RAM, 16 MB/s disk I/O. See all the details directly on the PlanetHoster website.

After your website is online you will not be left by yourself. I will setup your emails, take care to keep Wordpress and the other addons I installed up to date and will do a backup of your website every month.

I will also explain you (In English or French by email) how to use the Wordpress dashboard to edit your website, do your backups, updates and manage users. Please note that I will cover only the basic features needed to maintain your website, it’s not a in depth training of Wordpress.

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